Cassandra Nuss


“As Lucy, Cassandra Nuss takes one of the best roles written for a musical theatre damsel in distress and sings and acts it to sizzling, stunning, heart-rending perfection, whether belting out an electrifying Bring on the Men or taking it down several notches for a touchingly tender Someone Like You.”

--Jekyll & Hyde, Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

“...The nod clearly goes to the electrifying Nuss, whose vocal range and dexterity are remarkable.”

--Jekyll & Hyde, Lovell Estell III, LA WEEKLY *Pick of the Week

“Cassandra Nuss has a massive singing voice that lends both sultriness and vulnerability to Lucy. Her duet with Nellie, Girls of the Night, and her final song, A New Life, are well performed.”

--Jekyll & Hyde, Katherine Davis, Backstage

“The women truly steal the show... Cassandra Nuss as Lucy gives a miraculous performance as the good girl gone bad.  Her Bring on the Men is captivating.”

--Jekyll & Hyde,

“The greatest thing this show has going for it is in seeing a star being born in Cassandra Nuss. As Lucy, she has some of the most gorgeously sung, show-stopping solos and has the stunning beauty and poise that prove she’s a star. Remember the name because it won’t be long before this girl is one of Broadway’s future leading ladies.”

--Jekyll & Hyde, Kevin Taft, Frontier LA

“The doomed Lucy is portrayed by Cassandra Nuss with a heartbreaking vulnerability, and in the role of Nellie, Benai Boyd is a presence to be dealt with. The pair of them brings to the stage talents, both acting and vocal, of the highest caliber; and their duet of Girls of the Night (arguably the best song in the show) is not only enough to bring the house down, but to flatten a good portion of Santa Monica Blvd.”

--Jekyll & Hyde, Ernest Kearney, Working Author Online

“Cassandra Nuss as Snow White is such an

explosion of talent, elegance, and beauty

as the show's self-appointed 'MC' that

I’m shocked I’ve never seen her before, and I’m the less for it.

-Micah Cover, Goldstar, Disenchanted!

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